Unleashing the powerful potential in people

‘Judy is known for bringing depth, wisdom, intelligence and pragmatism to all her coaching and leadership interactions, be they individual or on a group basis. She creates safety and rigour with an ability to keep large disparate groups focused, often creating unexpected outcomes and powerful alignments. Judy is curious and savvy and holds high standards for herself and her clients every step of the way. This is one coach that really walks her talk.’

My Approach

As a personal coach, I am committed to helping you explore and achieve your personal and professional goals. I offer a safe, encouraging environment where we can examine anything that’s currently going on in your life – good or bad. Learn more about my approach to coaching.

Executive, Team and Life Coaching

The goal of coaching is to honour your true self, the person you really are. Both as an individual or as someone in a relationship or team. Discover what I can do as executive, team or life coach.


Are you starting a new project or team? Or beginning a new strategic planning process? Do you want to improve the efficiency of your meetings? Discover how I can help you get people focused on end goals and set up frameworks to enhance team commitment.


As well as life, executive and team coaching, I also provide group training in leadership and team development. In a challenging, fun and dynamic way, I train executives to develop people’s leadership skills and teach coaches how to maximise team performance. Here is what I can do for you.

Intercultural Training

If you’re working overseas, how do you deal with cultural differences? How do you avoid misunderstandings that can arise? And how do you meet different expectations? A lot of cultural training doesn’t go beyond the dos and don’ts. To help people from different cultures work together effectively, I take a two-step approach. Read more.


Whether you’re an established coach or just getting qualified, I can mentor you so you get the best results. Contact me for an informal, obligation-free chat.

Discover my Background

My work as a professional coach is based on over 20 years living and working throughout the world. My experience and training enables me to understand the issues in life, executive and team coaching.

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Living Teams

Living Teams is a one-week programme that helps teams and individual team members increase their performance and enjoyment in working to achieve common goals. In the peaceful environment of the El Olivo business retreat in Andalusia, Spain, you will come to better understand how teams really work and what leadership is required from each team member. Participants will improve their individual well-being and leadership skills, benefiting the team as a whole.

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Judy van Zon, Netherlands. Cell: +31 6 15 41 87 00 E-mail: judy.vanzon@gmail.com

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