Executive, Team and Life Coaching

The goal of coaching is to honour your true self, the person you really are. Both as an individual or as someone in a relationship or team. I help you act from that self by removing defences and self-imposed obstacles. Together we discover new opportunities to shape the life or situation you want.

Executive Coaching
Executive coaching helps you discover and develop your natural leadership skills. Together we identify your unique strengths, clarify your direction and incorporate this knowledge into your leadership style. This offers strategies to take responsibility for your impact on others. It helps you recognise and develop the inherent strengths of others. You are able to form powerful alliances with colleagues and achieve mutual goals. As a result, you are more effective in both one-to-one and team relationships.
Team Coaching
When people in a team interact with one another it creates a human system. This system is alive with its own values, strengths and weaknesses.I focus on coaching the system, not individual people. Together we look at what you are trying to achieve together rather than who did what to whom. This has a profound impact and creates greater opportunities for change. The result is a stronger relationship with a renewed sense of purpose, commitment to shared goals and improved performance.
Life Coaching
You may be feeling stuck in your current professional or personal situation. Or you may be dealing with positive or negative changes in your life. You want to do something about the situation, but you’re not sure what.Coaching helps you identify the underlying problems. What are the ideals you want to live by? Where are you now and where do you want to go? How are you going to get there and with whom? By finding the answers to these questions, you are able to take responsibility, make choices and take action. And in taking action, you gradually reach your full potential and feel fulfilled.

‘Improving one’s leadership skills is a little present that every entrepreneur and manager should give themselves once in every while. And when you do, I can highly recommend working with Judy van Zon. Every session with Judy helped me to regain focus and understanding, while providing me with smart tools to implement it in my daily routine. Our sessions were filled with warmth and laughter, combined with profoundness and insight. Booking sessions with Judy should be high on everybody’s list who wants to treat themselves to growth.’

Corporate Client

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