Facilitation for Business Teams and School Boards

Are you starting a new project or team? Or beginning a new strategic planning process? Do you want to improve the efficiency of your meetings? As an authorised facilitator for TCI, I can help you get people focused on end goals and set up frameworks to enhance team commitment.

Bring out the team’s natural strengths
In a meeting or series of meetings, I support the group so that they become more aware about the task at hand. By recognizing each team member’s strengths and how they help the team meet your goals, we create a safe, supportive, stimulating environment. This brings out the group’s natural creativity, resourcefulness and unity.

Fostering progress
As a provocative facilitator, I guide the meeting so the group has the conversations that need to take place. That means keeping the group on track, inviting the unspoken and tackling issues that may be blocking progress. It also involves helping team members let go of their individual need to stand out within the group. By tapping into the leadership potential of all participants, I help the group navigate imminent changes so they conclude the process knowing the subsequent actions they need to take to achieve success.

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