My Approach to Coaching

As a personal coach, I am committed to helping you explore and achieve your personal and professional goals. I offer a safe, encouraging environment where we can examine anything that’s currently going on in your life – good or bad.

As a compassionate, non-judgmental listener, I help you identify where you want to go, what’s holding you back and how you can get there. Here I often focus on Relationship Systems Intelligence. After all, no one exists in isolation, and relationships between people have a major impact on your behaviour and well-being.

Confronting the issues
My no-nonsense approach sometimes involves naming ‘the elephant in the room’. The real problem that’s stopping you from moving forward and that you may not want to confront. By acknowledging the underlying issues, together we create opportunities for growth.

It’s up to you
Coaching can take place either in person or by phone. You set the agenda for each session. We can talk about an ongoing subject or a significant issue that’s come up since our last session. Making progress is very much a shared responsibility. A strong commitment by both of us is necessary to achieve lasting change.

My role is to listen, ask questions and help you come up with powerful actions that move you step by step towards your goals. Your role is to take action. Coaching mainly has an impact between sessions in your daily life. To achieve growth, you have to do the work and I hold you accountable.

The power of reflection
It takes time to build a solid foundation for personal growth, so I don’t believe in short-term fixes. If you want to achieve lasting results, you have to look deep inside yourself. That’s why I sometimes use meditation as part of my coaching.

Quieting the mind brings clarity and connects you with your inner strength. You become aware of your limiting beliefs and what’s really important to you. You take responsibility for your actions and your impact on others. This indicates directions for personal growth. And as a result, you are able to approach the world with renewed vigour and energy.

See what some of my clients have to say about the results.

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