‘These telephone coaching sessions make me more aware of my own role in my private and business life. All with the expectation that there is much more to be aware of, be responsible for and take action.’

Client in the Netherlands

‘Through Judy’s brilliant questions I gained insight and went from not knowing to knowing. Judy coaches with empathy, precision and professionalism. She is a great coach for personal, family and business issues. I recommend her wholeheartedly.’

Client in Hilversum, the Netherlands

‘Congratulations on a well organized and professionally facilitated event. Our goal was to learn more about each other as people, not just business colleagues. We wanted to energize the group to collaborate more effectively in the future. Your firm guidance and ‘in-the-moment’ observations were excellent. I would recommend you to any professional team who recognizes the need to bond as real people and to play to their individual strengths as contributors to the efforts of the entire team’

Corporate client in Poland

‘Thank you for the time you spent working with my mother and I. It’s been nearly six months since our last session and I can hardly remember what our relationship was like before that work began. I do remember it was difficult spending more than half an hour together and all our conversations felt awkward and tense. We’ve since spent two months living in a small apartment together and we both noticed a profound change in the quality of our relationship. It was easy spending time together. For the first time we began noticing our many mutual interests. I can’t remember the last time I felt so close to her – physically, emotionally and spiritually. If this isn’t a testament to the coaching work you facilitated for us, I don’t know what is.’

Relationship coaching client

‘I really enjoyed Judy’s coaching. Our sessions together were insightful and set me on the right track every time. She is extremely flexible and adapted our sessions to match my needs exactly. I really enjoyed the meditation session, it enabled me to get in touch with the inner me and I felt completely calm and focused for the rest of the day.’

Client in London, England

‘As a coach, Judy has an inquisitive nature and the strength of straightforward logic going for her. Her input makes you question your issues as if you were your own committed friend, laying the facts in front of you for the first time. No anchoring, no bias, just point-blank feedback and guidance. If you ever need to know yourself better, Judy’s a good place to start!’

Client in the Netherlands

‘I started my company with a great deal of passion last year. But although my heart and soul were in the company, it wasn’t ‘flowing’. To get an insight into why, I asked Judy to use her expertise in system constellations to work with my employees for a day. What we learned were the things that were invisible. By making them visible we could make important choices and decisions. Judy’s work is characterized by a nice balance between intellect and intuition, between head and heart, with respect and attention for everyone in the team.’

Corporate client in the Netherlands

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