Team and Leadership Training

As well as executive, team and life coaching, I also provide group training in leadership and team development. In a challenging, fun and dynamic way, I train executives to develop people’s leadership skills and teach coaches how to maximize team performance. And being able to speak Dutch, English and German, Spanish and French, I do it all over Europe.

Relationship Systems Intelligence
No matter what kind of work you do, you, your staff, clients, suppliers and investors are always in relationships with each other. These relationships create a human system, but it’s often unintentional and arbitrary leading to problems that affect performance.

That’s why the demands of the modern workplace require good relationship skills to achieve success. I give customised, in-house training in Relationship System Intelligence (RSI) that enables teams and leaders to get the most from their interactions at work.

Highly effective teams
I train team members to take control of their relationships and avoid competing with one another. How do we want to be? What do we want to achieve? What are our shared goals? Teams with a high level of RSI are able to create productive work environments, use conflict as a driver for change, retain valuable colleagues and deal with constant change. The result is high team morale, effective communication, increased creativity and productivity, and clarity about accountabilities.


System-oriented leaders
I train leaders to focus on their team rather than its individual members. This helps them increase their effectiveness and influence. Strong, confident leaders with a high level of RSI are unconcerned about their own egos. They are able to foster a we-centred culture, generate joint responsibility for success across the team, share the role of leadership and create a path for future leaders.

Training for coaches
As a certified trainer for CRR Global, I train coaches in the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) model. An innovative approach to enhancing relationship systems in organizations, groups, teams, partnerships and couples.

By using the team’s creative and problem-solving capacity, ORSC helps improve communication, mutual respect and collaboration between individuals. The result is a strong team spirit that enhances productivity and retention.

When training coaches in the ORSC model, I always work with another certified CRR Global trainer. In an active and collaborative way, we act as role models demonstrating how to be in a cooperative, fulfilling relationship. That means respect, openness, compassion, empathy and a rigorous commitment to speaking the truth. This co-active approach is one of the unique things about the ORSC model.

Experiential learning
Most people learn best from playful experience. That’s why I use an experiential approach in my training. Participants don’t just sit there, listen and take notes. I guide them through a series of practical exercises and together we discuss the results. What did you experience? What stood out for you? What did you learn from doing the exercise? How are you going to apply this in your work?

By the end of the training, participants understand the coaching tools, have the confidence to put them into practice and can unleash the leadership potential in others.

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